We suffer greatly at the hands of our own self-criticism and self-judgment. As a result, we may set unrealistic expectations for ourselves, be crippled by self-doubt or engage in self-sabotaging behaviors. I support my clients in learning to reduce the power of their self-criticism and instead move toward a more kind and loving relationship with oneself. This relationship improves the quality of our lives and is the foundation of self-worth and well-being.

Couples & Relationships

I utilize an attachment-based model called Emotional Focused Therapy to provide couples and relationships with the guidance needed to move from conflict and disconnection to a greater more secure intimacy. Learn more.

Queer Affirming Therapy

Sexual and gender diversities are natural expressions of the human experience. I offer affirming psychotherapy to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities. Whether you are exploring your sexuality and/or gender expression or identity, struggling in relationship, transitioning, dealing with the impact of marginalizing experiences, family planning or parenting, I would be honored to work with you.


Grief and Loss

Loss comes in many forms, whether it be the death of a loved one or pet, the end of a relationship, unrealized aspirations, change in health status, or any significant life adjustment where the absence of something is difficult to bear. Grief is a natural occurring process that takes place to support us in coping with loss. I support my clients in being with their pain and in navigating grief. We work toward reduced suffering, acceptance and integration of loss.


Addiction and Recovery

I work with alcohol, drug, food and sex addiction, workaholism, co-dependency, adult children of alcoholics and those affected by another person’s addiction. I support my clients in their recovery, we focus on: Gaining awareness of your addiction, learning skills to cope and manage it, discovering a new way to relate to your pain, finding community and connection with yourself and others. I utilize various approaches to support my clients in finding their way to a more connected, and nourishing life, including: Harm reduction, motivational interviewing, 12-step and abstinence-based models.