Restrictive cultural messages, past relational disappointments, traumatic experiences, stifling belief systems and self-defeating patterns can manifest in our lives in various forms and inhibit our full expression. My goal as a therapist is to assist my clients in discovering their unique paths to living more authentically, and in feeling more satisfied in their lives and relationships.

I utilize the experience of the present moment, awareness building interventions, and my expertise in human relationships to guide you in more deeply connecting with yourself, in accessing your truths and in making fulfilling life changes. My in-depth approach integrates mindfulness and buddhist psychology, psychodynamic and relational psychology and the tenants of the human potential movement.

I believe that our lives are transformed through our ability to become aware of and embrace our present experience. Additionally, I believe in our innate ability and propensity to heal and grow and that fostering our own personal development is one of the most significant ways that we can contribute to our relationships and community.